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TSKENYA: Worldwide Site | On-trend & Affordable Large Sized Footwear 8-13UK (10-15US)


All of the shoes in the collection are named after people that I admire or have supported me through my lowest moments.  I thought it important to honour the people who have shaped my thinking and growth as a young woman, as if it wasn’t for them the brand wouldn’t exist. Each shoe has its own personality…



My Mother – unconditional source of protection, ultimate love and pure gold

My everything, my vestige and my ultimate inspiration. I am so overwhelmed by love and admiration no words will ever suffice. She has been there through every spell of depression, every success and every triumph. When I was 9, the boys at school pushed me down a ramp and broke my leg. That day in A&E my mum looked me in the eye and told me that ‘one day you’re going to be so great Penny, you will rise above them all…’ – I wish I had believed her sooner. Now she lives to remind me of that moment everyday. Love you with my whole soul ❤️


Charlie Craggs – relentlessly fierce, fearless and playful

I haven’t known Charlie for long, but for the time that I have known her she has done nothing but fight for the rights of marginalised people and children around the world. Through her renowned campaign Nail Transphobia she inspired countless people to embrace their true gender identities – what an amazing life legacy to have. There are not many people who would put the welfare of others before their own, but Charlie has used her voice to speak for those who could not find their own. She is the baddest bitch I know.


Andrea Ogunbadejo – unequivocally 70s, lifetime fashion staple and bold

It is difficult to write about Andrea without crying, she is my soul sister, dearest friend, most trusted confidant and the most talented producer out there. I can turn to her at my highest and darkest moments without hesitation knowing that she will be there with open arms and a receiving heart. I am so blessed to have found such friendship. Also, she is the only person I know that can carry off 70s style with contemporary flare.


Toni Morrison – unapologetically black, elegant and confident

University was difficult. Being the only black girl in an ultra white space really weighed me down and the micro-aggressions were constant. Through Morrison’s writing I found an escape and I will always remember the quote: ‘If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it’ – well, I have kind of done that, but with shoes.

** It is also important to note that the boot TONI was also inspired by a boy called Tony who in sixth form told my whole common room that he wouldn’t date me because of my big feet. Nothing but love to him, honestly, without that crushing moment I wouldn’t be here standing up for big footed people too good for the shoes they have had to wear. Also, if a person has to comment on your appearance as a reason not to date you – it is them, not you babe.


When I was putting together the collection I made the daily commitment to gather images that inspired my vision of the brand.  After a year, I had almost 500 images that would serve as a reference when putting together the aesthetic for the collection. It was important that the editorial reflected my personality and championed intersectionality – that the group shots represented everyone, all my future customers.

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